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When it rains, it pours – in your living room. This is not good! If you’ve got water coming in, even just a tiny trickle in the attic, it’s time for some new roofing. Or, if you’re roof’s tiles are starting to look 50 years older than your house, it’s time to replace them.

During the dry summer months in Southern California, we usually don’t pay much attention to our roofs. Just because it’s not raining and the roof is not leaking does not mean it isn’t subject to problems. The hot summer sun, pollutants in the air and the yearly Santa Ana winds can wreck havoc with a roof covering. Fall is a great time to inspect your roofs (or have it inspected) to make sure it’s ready to withstand the onslaught of winter rains.

You should contact several roofing contractors before arriving at a decision. Ask your builder or friends for recommendations on roofing contractors. You can also contact the local builders association if you are having difficulty in finding roofing contractors. This association can suggest someone who has been in this field for many years.

We cut the hip cappingout ofthe three tab shingle and use these pieces for the hips and the ridge if there is one”Mark a chalk line half a tab out from the roofing contractors hip centre line and use this as a guide for your hip capping pieces.

Before getting estimates, however, you should have your own work plan written down. Without this, you will be getting estimates on work you don’t need, understand, or want.

Roof vents come roofing companies in many shapes and sizes. From simple vents, those little square things you see scattered all over almost every roof, to turbine vents, to ridge vents, and including solar powered vents.

Intake and exhaust: when air flows from this bottom (soffit) area of your roof and moves UP to the top of your roof (ridge) area, this ratio of air flow will remove all or most the trapped heat and moisture trapped in your attic. This ratio of intake and exhaust is the key. 50% intake (the bottom edge of your roof) and 50% exhaust (the very top of your roof).

Simply put, a metal roof can be good choice or bad choice for you. It all depends on your roofing needs, preferences and the area where it will be installed. Generally, it is good for fire prone areas with termites. It is good to be installed over existing roofs and is not noisier than conventional roofs. However, it is not ideal for people in a tight budget and who remodels house often.

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