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Replacing or installing a new roof is a big responsibility for most average household owners. Because it is an issue that has to be faced once or perhaps twice for an entire lifetime, it can transform into a perplexing and frightening dilemma. But getting a new roof can transform the look of your home. A properly applied decorator asphalt shingle roof is not only going to make reselling easier, it will also help you attract a good price. Having a good roof is like a vault; it shields and protects your family from all harmful external elements. And when it comes to roof replacement jobs, here are easy tips for you to find the best Long Island roofing contractor in town.

Almost all of testimonials mentioned clean job and fair estimate. But some also paid attention to unusual repairs I thought could be involved in my case. I read: “The project was well handled from the estimate (which was detailed) to completion and clean-up. The estimate was fair & competitive. The contractor repaired a small section of the roof-sheathing plywood (which was rotted due to a prior leak) at no extra cost. All my questions concerning shingle types and their projected durability were answered. The project was started and completed on time (as promised).”- John Balatinecz in North York.

Don’t roofing companies be stingy here make it worth their while. While you may need to offer 25% or more of first-time sales produced, the value comes from retaining these customers for future business.

Since the hardest part is over, the remaining part is to sign the contract papers and let the work start. Give your contractor time to work and finish the project on time. You can meet the contractor weekly for some consultations as well as giving them some motivation.

For some people this may seem like overkill that thwarts the spirit of competitive bidding. Consider the case of Mr. J who hired one of those multi-state roofing contractors. Before his lender would release any funds, they sent an inspector to make sure repairs had been completed. Several problems were observable. The shingles were not the same quality as those that had been on the roof. The workmanship was shoddy leaving some spots where there were holes leading to the interior. Two weeks after the completion of the roof replacement, it rained. Now there is interior damage to the home.

Established Metro-Detroit roofing companies will make sure they have all of the licenses necessary to work on your roof. While this seems like a simple thing, several less established roofing companies sometimes work without getting the right permits. This opens you up to fines from the roofing contractors city government.

The most established Metro-Detroit Area roofing companies have an expansive collection of roofing tools and materials. They will have everything that is required to put a high quality roof on your home. Roofing requires complex tools. Established roofing companies have all of the latest roofing technologies at their disposal. They have tools that speed up the roofing process and make it much safer for everyone involved. The tools they use reduce the risk of accidents and help protect your home from any damage that can occur during the roofing process.

Your due diligence for finding references should start online. If you ask a contractor for references, you are likely to get some very good ones. It’s entirely possible that they could be relatives or friends! Anybody can make up a reference. If you can’t find references both good and bad for a particular contractor, it’s time to move on. The web is a wonderful resource for references. Check variouse online resources like the client’s website, the BBB site, Google Places, Angie’s List and other review sites. Be aware that a unhappy client is nine times more likely to post a review than a happy one! So don’t base your decision completely on the presence of a negative review. Try to read the review from the contractors perspective and see if you can see both sides.

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